Argi Tendo


argi tendo is a creative technologist living in jakarta.

Turning room into a true-to-scale VR experience, 2021 piston - 'Interval' (Single), 2021 Late-night abstract with color trail, 2021 Motion tracking particles with webcam and cheap projector, 2021 Capacitive jacket prototype, 2021 French Fries Piano, 2021 Light Transfer. LDR to Blender., 2021 IG Filter Game for Indomie, 2020 IG Filter Dance for Pond's Age Miracle, 2020 TTS & IFTTT. Jarwo (1)., 2020 'Artsy Time' AR for Bartega Studio, 2020 Morning GLSL Practice, 2020 Interactive particle with noise sensor, 2020 Playing around with plant and capacitive sensor, 2020 Visual for Art Jakarta Virtual, 2020 The Creation IG Filter for OPPO Reno4 Pro Fest, 2020 IG Filter for IM3 Ooredoo, 2020 IG Filter Game for Pond's Men, 2020 IG Filter for Maybelline, 2020 Plant Capacitive Touch, 2020 Lag, 2020 Caution wet floor, 2020 Sudirman in anime, 2020 Colour to Sound - OPPO FindX2 Series Incubation, 2020 AR Depth Effect - OPPO FindX2 Series Incubation, 2020 Interpretation of 120Hz Refresh Rate - OPPO FindX2 Series Incubation, 2020 Waveform detection as an image - OPPO FindX2 Series Incubation, 2020 True Billion Colour - OPPO FindX2 Series Incubation, 2020 Nyetir dan Radio, 2020 AR animation on image target, 2020 Virtual Street Photo: Around Tokyo, 2020 Jangan Pegang Muka, 2020 Playing with First Order Motion Model for Image Animation, 2020 Playing Chrome' Dino game into another dimension, 2020 Augmented reality in e-commerce shopping concept, 2020 Google Assistant command and response customization, 2019 Octagon traffic, 2019 Help my mom to watch her favourite tv shows, 2019 'Flamingos 360 AR Experience Instagram Filter, 2019 'Pop Mie Game' Instagram Filter, 2019 Experiment with the Breast Cancer Awareness collection from Vans, 2019 Batik Map AR for 'Batik Indonesia' Booklet, 2019 Wound Canvas 2, 2019 Wound Canvas 1, 2019 Mapping face position to navigate Chrome's T-Rex game, 2019 Slit, 2019 Mapping facial expressions on Tahilalats instagram filter, 2019 Augmented reality for Jakarta's city train network, 2019 Facial expressions recognition at the Constitutional Court verdict reading, 2019 Animating Google Earth, 2019 Muybridge, 2019 Color masking with OpenCV, 2019 Mapping facial expressions using BRF on JavaScript, 2018 Playing around with newspaper and Vuforia, 2018 Using augmented reality as a card information concept, 2018 Mapping face position to navigate Google Streetview, 2018 Pindai 'Shop' Demo - An experimental visual search app, 2018 Pindai 'How To' Demo - An experimental visual search app, 2018 Sublim, 2018 Riuh, 2018 See You in September, 2017 23:49PM, 2017 Afternoon Sadness, 2017 piston - 'Titik Nol' (Music Video), 2017 piston - 'Titik Nol' (Album), 2016 piston - 'Studio Session #2', 2015 piston - A Challenge To Our Current Understanding, 2013 Ads 'Sahur Bersama Lazada', 2017 Ads 'Kejutan Heboh Lazada', 2017 Kain Dari Tanah Seribu Larangan, 2012